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Understanding the french, Chapter 4

I am currently writing this article from Sydney, Australia, after 9 months away from my birthcountry. I chose of my own initiative to leave for a Working Holiday to put myself to the test. This is me doing my initiatory journey. If I reached some of my objectives, I feel I failed some of the main ones, concerning work. However being a frenchie abroad lead you to discover a lot about yourself, as well as your nature of snail eater. Being a foreigner abroad generally highlight your character and what makes you stand out of the crowd of locals. I discovered from my own point of view certain things to be negative, and some others to be positive. In this article, we will approach both. Ladies, you’re probably going to appreciate this one.

One frenchie squating the backpacker’s dining room after closure

The french Dater

Disclaimer ! I am using my own experiences and thoses I’ve been witnessing in order to underline my view of the french dater. Please keep in mind that I consider a degeneration in everything that foreigners consider being « typically french » through the last couple of decades. So please don’t put the blame on me if for some reason the first frenchie that you meet doesn’t stick to what is going to follow shortly.

No matter where you’ll take a frenchie to abroad, he will remain french. A frenchie dating a foreign girl will act like he would in France. Which, depending on your point of view, can be good or not. What matters for a frenchie is to eat well, drink well, live well, and love well. Understand « have good sex ». Yes, without giving a fake picture of french people being 65 millions of edonists, I mean if you turn off any of thoses things, a frenchie won’t be happy. Especially the last one…

I will approach another point in a new Part, concerning the french complain. You’ll quickly get french people love to complain, it’s a national sport. Even if there’s nothing to complain about, we can still complain that everything’s ok. The french people are like that. However if a frenchie is in Love, and in a couple with the one, THIS is the ultimate situation that defuse everything. There’s a lot of problems at work ! But my girlfriend is waiting for me at home. I had the worst day ever ! But my Lover texted me. My wife is pissing me of !! But I’m in Love with her. This can sound surrealistic, but it’s so true. Oh, I could had titled my article like this. So True. Oh forget it, ‘sounds like a blooming-female-teenager-tv-show starting after school focusing on bullits’ way of life to make random people feel normal. Let’s get down to french business.

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Backpacker. Germanophile. Danseur SBK. Retrogamer. Fou d'aviation, de photo et bien sûr d'écriture. Bienvenue chez moi.


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Romain Roche

Romain Roche

Backpacker. Germanophile. Danseur SBK. Retrogamer. Fou d'aviation, de photo et bien sûr d'écriture. Bienvenue chez moi.

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